It's time to go far, far away...

myles |mīles| away |əˈwā| : to be lost in thought and consequently unaware of what is happening around one.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Atonal Atmospheric Mix #4627

(Photo by Alex Esau)

Part two of the Atonal Atmospheric Mix series. I just finished a dubstep mix for J'aime Le Dubstep; while at the same time putting together a much more hype dubstep/electro mix called "Peep Show". During the madness of thick bass, I was inspired by a friend of mine who said that she really enjoyed the Atonal Atmospheric Mix I put out last year. So in a matter of days I collected new material from the Books, Godspeed You Black Emperor, the XX, Beck, Boards of Canada, and others to put together another Atonal Atmospheric Mix. This one delves deeper into the Atonal Atmospheric concept. Bringing you songs with long erie soundscapes and tracks with gentle smokey vocals like the XX and Beck. This mix is completely non-dance floor music. This music is for rainy, snowy, cold days at home when you just want to get lost in sound.

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