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Sunday, March 8, 2009

myles AWAY Bassline at 129 Mix

Alright, so as the setlist shows its not all "Bassline". But, who cares. Its pounding beats starting at 129 beats per minute and ending at 129 beats per minute. My sets are always tempo changers; I usually like to evolve the set from one genre to the next. Most start at breaks and end with Dubstep. But this is my first set that starts at a BPM and stays there the whole time (I'm always into trying new things). The only track to break up the straight pounding kick beat is Chase and Status': Running. This song fools you by starting as a super-cheesy electro song, but before you know it, it drops into a heavy dubstep beat. Slow dubstep, but dubstep never-the-less (and even slower because it's dropped to 129bpm). Enjoy!
Defunct- Pop Ya (original mix)>
AC Slater- Bassline Time>
Deadmau5- The Reward is more Cheese>
Player and Remady- So What>
Bob Marley- Rainbow Country>
Stupid Fresh- Stupid Theme (Twocker Remix)>
Chase & Status- Running>
Funkadelic- Free your Mind>
TJR- Atomix (original mix)>
Defunct- Switch it (original mix)>
Justice- DVNO>
Stupid Fresh- Get the Fuck Up (Bass Kleph remix)>
NOG & Brother B- Electro Persistence 

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