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myles |mīles| away |əˈwā| : to be lost in thought and consequently unaware of what is happening around one.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

myles AWAY booked for UPRISING!!

myles AWAY will be playing along side such international artists as Tipper and Vibesquad, as well as local heavy hitters LongWalkShortDockMax Ulis, Jay Wikid, Michael Red, Glitchy and Scratchy, iLL-Esha, Hexadecibel, and dozens more. There will be visuals by SHAH DJ's Vasho and decorations by Van City's most talented vandal Phresha! This is going to be "the" festival on the coast. Don't miss out, tickets available at Beatstreet (vancouver) right now! Get them fast, early birds are already sold out!!
$100 - VERY Limited Capacity Event!!!!!! 
Pre-sale tickets only.
Early bird tickets are SOLD OUT.
VANCOUVER - Beatstreet (439 Hastings Street W)
VANCOUVER - High Life (1317 Commercial Drive)
KELOWNA - Hemp City (526A Bernard Ave)
VICTORIA - Whitebird (768 Yates Street)

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