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myles |mīles| away |əˈwā| : to be lost in thought and consequently unaware of what is happening around one.

Monday, May 11, 2009

myles AWAY - Midsummers Night Dubstep

Here is a quick mix that I threw together for these first nights of summer. A few new tracks, a few old ones that have not made it into mixes and a few of my favorite mixes from the past. There are plenty more mixes on the way. I picked up almost 300 new tracks and I have lots of time on my hands. So keep checking back, there will be lots of stuff to download. 

16 Bit- Relentless>
Excision - Serious Business>
Riskotheque - Murda Sound (Bar 9 Remix)>
Ordinal - Electro Dub>
NOG & mylesAWAY - Backgrounds (Beach Boys Remix)>
Max Ulis - Listen Here>
myles AWAY - myles, lucy & alice under tokyo thunder (Vex'd/ Bassnectar/Pogo/Glitchy&Scratchy remix)>
Joint Forces - Joe Grizzly>
NOG & myles AWAY - Wanna Be Loved (Buju Banton remix)

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